How to store them correctly

Peptides come to you in a lyophilised, freeze-dried form. Like this, the peptides can but must be kept out of direct sunlight. It is always recommended to store in a refrigerator. If they are not going to be used when purchased then they can be stored in a freezer where they will remain stable for approximately 48 months.

Please ensure that your freezer is not ‘frost free’ or ‘auto defrosting’ as constant freeze/thaw cycles will degrade the peptides over time.

Storage of your peptides once you have mixed them.

Once the peptides have been reconstituted into a liquid solution they must be refrigerated at a temperature between 2-8c.

If stored at room temperature some peptides may begin to degrade after as little as 24 hours.

For Your Information

All our peptides are stored at -2 / -8 until the day of dispatch. When mixing, apply the water slowly and carefully to the powder avoiding making bubbles. Extreme care needs to be practiced when reconstituting as the amino acid structures are very fragile which makes incorrect techniques for reconstituting can break these structures. Do not shake peptides aggressively if any powder is left in the vial after a few minutes, as this also can break the fragile structure of the amino acids effectively rendering them useless and ineffective. Just gently swirl till mixed, great care needs to be used. When storing in the refrigerator make sure they are in a stable place.

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